Away Day: Daws Heath 2015, Othona 2013 & 2011

Christ Church frequently goes away for a good lunch and to learn from a guest speaker.
In 2015 we went to St. Michael's in the Daws Heath, where Rev Peter Ball ask us the question 'A missionary Church?'
In previous years we have gone to the Othona Community near Bradwell-on-Sea.
In 2013 Rev John Proctor lets us through Acts 16 discovering insights in Paul's relationship with the church in Philippi.
In 2011 the Rev Dr. Janet Tollington, surveyed the Old Testament with us.
The final Communion service was in the ancient Chapel of St Peter's on the Wall, built by St. Cedd in 654AD.

There are 22 photos for this gallery.
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Othona Community - not far now The Othona Main Buildings A chat and drink
Desert anyone? No chatting, just desert Dr Janet Tollington talks about the Old Testament (2011))
Listening and learning about the OT (2011) I didn't know the Old Testament was so facinating! St Peter on The Wall - Sign
St Peter on the Wall, the chapel St Peter's, Gathering for Communion St Peter's, Communion Service
St Peter's, The light of the World... Rev John Proctor teaching from the book of Acts (2013) Waiting in the sun for Lunch
Coffee break on a horse.... The Chapel of St Peter on the Wall Rev David Rees leads communion in St Peter on the Wall
Rev Peter Ball led us through the Great Commission (2015) A missionary people? Discussion Groups lead by Peter
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