September 2010

From the Church Secretary

By the time that you read these notes we will have laid to rest two very special people, Eve Kingston and Anne Davis. Everyone is special but I'm sure you know what I mean. John Amos, leading our worship the day after Anne Davis died, referred to two angels who had been taken back by our Lord and fully expected that they would both be as busy in their new lives as they were in their former lives.

Eve Kingston served this church and the community in so many ways, Church Member for 72 years, Deacon, Elder, Life Elder, Sunday School teacher Women's Institute, Inner Wheel, and Guiding as well as building and nurturing a large family. Anne Davis Member for 62 years, Elder and Sunday School teacher has, in her recent years, has been amazingly tireless in her support for people who were ill having operations or reaching the end of their lives, her work as a hospital chaplain reaching all kinds of people in all kinds of condition throughout this part of Essex. There was a touching symmetry in the passing of these two wonderful people that they actually served each other in their own way during their last few months.

All this reminds me very strongly that we enter a period when we have to manage without David. In one sense we are not 'without' him because he is 'there ' and as I said in the last edition we need to respect his need for time and space to reflect study enjoy refresh and experience so that the Sabbatical is used fully and to his and the Church's benefit. He has also ensured that the worship leadership is fully programmed and as a result we have before us a fascinating mix of people from outside our fellowship and inside it to lead our worship. All that remains is for us to support that worship with our presence and feast on it to make it our own.

One might be tempted to think of the minister as our source of energy and power especially when he is not around. In the winter it is easy to think that perhaps our most important source of power is the kind that keeps our central heating boiler going but I would like to suggest that our real source of power is prayer. In a recent evening service Jean Hall reminded us of the central role that prayer could play in our personal lives and in our church lives. We are fortunate in having many resources to help us with this process, the monthly Prayer Notes, the Prayer Chain, the Prayer Triplets and the monthly Space for Prayer. If you would like to venture beyond Sunday service pew prayer without having to pray out loud then give the Space for Prayer a try. Some very gifted people in our fellowship lead us in prayer in their own special way and the work that they put in for that half-hour deserves wider participation. The leadership of your church needs your support, needs your prayer and needs your involvement. If you are tempted to try out just one of the prayer resources I have mentioned all you have to do is check with an elder or someone else you know is involved.

John Palmer
September 2010