July 2015

The balance of life

A human body needs five vital ingredients to be ‘in-balance’, that is, to function properly and thrive. The five requirements are air, water, food, sleep and exercise. If we are denied these ingredients the body eventually dies: without oxygen - about 4 minutes; without water - around 100 hours; without sleep - about 250 hours; without food - about 1000 hours; without exercise – many years before it becomes life threatening. However, if we get the right balance of the above, our lives improve and often even with chronic health problems; the right balance can mitigate many of the negative effects.

Just as the physical body needs balance, we also need emotional balance. Emotional health can be found in three areas that ‘balance’ the human psyche.

Firstly, self-discovery is the key to identity. Knowing yourself internally, and your value to this world, is the key to self-discovery. Self-discovery gives significance and security, which are the most stabilizing foundation in the human psyche.

Secondly, we need a supportive network of friends and acquaintances where honest conversation is respected. Talking about those things that build up inside is beneficial. It can relieve depression and anxiety, but more importantly allows a reinforcement of self-worth.

Thirdly, peace; a time where one can find and listen to one’s inner needs. Often meditation is a way of allowing peace to develop. Meditating allows the mind to defrag all the thoughts and emotions that clog the reasoning process and release added tension of self-condemnation etc.

And finally we also need spiritual balance. Spiritually, people are in search of something that brings answers to the deeper questions about life, and without it remain restless and unbalanced. Frequently, people in our society attempt to fill this spiritual need with possessions or entertainment, trying to ignore the question of meaning and purpose. Spiritual balance is the pursuit of God and His creation that answers the longing questions deep inside our humanity. Spiritual balance builds on both physical and emotional balance, but also offers a deeper resilience if they are out of kilter.

In the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of the body, balance in each area and between each area makes us whole and rounded people. And that is what Jesus refers to when he speaks of ‘life in abundance’. He came to help us find a balance in each of life’s areas.

May you discover Jesus and a truly abundant (and balanced) life.


July 2015