What we Believe

Christ Church, Rayleigh is part of United Reformed Church. We are Christians with ‘a Reformed flavour’.
In short hand, some of the things we emphasise are:-

  • We base our beliefs on the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments, and we would go on to say that the Word of God is, first and foremost, found in Jesus Christ.
  • We affirm that Jesus Christ is God's witness to the world in terms of love, grace, mercy, and justice and we affirm that God's salvation is offered freely in Jesus Christ and we can never earn it.
  • We believe that God’s sustains all things, and the proper response to God's provision is fervent gratitude that shows itself in committed thought, speech and action. Therefore, we will be involved in shaping and enhancing society.
  • We take the ministry potential of lay people very seriously. We ordain lay members to participate in the ministry of the church as elders.
  • We uphold the importance of the two sacraments - Baptism (both infant and believer's baptism) and the Lord's Supper (Holy Communion).
  • We acknowledge the leading of the Holy Spirit in daily and corporate life.

Our Mission Statement

This Church Aims:
     to promote and nourish faith in God,
     to tell of His love, and by working together,
     to share God’s love with the community and wider world.

Our Identity:

(Approved by the Christ Church Rayleigh Church Meeting July 2012)

Christ Church United Reformed Church Rayleigh is an open and accepting congregation. We believe that God is continually active and we are being transformed through God’s involvement in our lives. We believe that whatever our life experience and whatever our experience of faith, God can and does use us.

We believe that God speaks to us in many ways;

in the revelation of Jesus – especially as revealed through his written word, The Bible;
through the spoken word – in sermons, bible study, in conversation with others and through the gathered church;
through the world around us that God has created;
through life affirming practical action as we care for each other, our community and our world. 

We follow an inclusive God, where age, sex, race, ability, or sexual orientation is only part of who we are, and we believe that Christ came to give an abundant and fulfilled life to all.  We will strive to enable all to achieve their God given potential in all areas of life, spiritually as well as materially and emotionally.  We acknowledge that we are not alone and that God is with us and He calls others to be part of our journey.